Kingspan Tek


ProjectCasa, the building services organisation based in Almancil, has become the distributor in Portugal for the revolutionary modular building system, Kingspan TEK®. This innovative British-based system uses timber as its main component. Timber is traditionally the most widely-used building material worldwide. It is easy to handle, natural and brings flexibility to design.
Many buildings are built with a traditional timber frame structure and this trend is growing as building regulations and standards demand better thermal performance and the construction industry increasingly moves towards more off-site manufacturing.
Structural Insulated Panel technology (SIPs) is the next development of timber-based construction methods and it is this technology which the Kingspan system uses.
In the UK and Ireland, demand for off-site construction methods such as SIPs is growing rapidly, driven by factors such as the availability of on-site skills being at an all-time low and the need for innovation when seeking local planning consent. We are seeing the first signs of this happening in Portugal now, too.
In addition, authorities in Portugal are demanding much higher levels of energy efficiency. This is challenging traditional construction methods and forcing people to look at alternative ways of meeting these requirements more economically. Unparalleled energy efficiency, combined with high build-speed and low site wastage make the Kingspan TEK Building System a very cost-effective way of achieving energy compliance and, indeed, of exceeding the thermal requirements of the regulations.

Design flexibility
The Kingspan TEK Building System gives plenty of scope for individual design. After plans have been drawn up and approved, in conjunction with ProjectCasa, the panels are pre-cut in the manufacturing plant in accordance with those plans. The complete system is delivered to site ready for erection by Kingspan’s own fully-qualified, specialist construction team.
Technical support

Through ProjectCasa, the Kingspan TEK Technical Services Department offers free design advice regarding the performance and suitability of the system for any given project.
Energy savings
Buildings constructed using the system can be cheap to run from the viewpoint of heating bills because they can be so energy efficient.
Capital cost savings
The capital cost of the Kingspan TEK Building System would be considerably lower than an equivalent building using timber frame or masonry construction to achieve equal energy performance.
Landfill savings
As the system arrives on site as a complete project, there should be no site wastage apart from packaging materials. This results in more efficient use of materials and lower landfill fees.
Labour savings
The system is designed and manufactured in the factory. Therefore, the project, including all ancillaries and fixings, is delivered complete and from one source, which will enable a weather-tight structure to be erected quickly.
Easily recognised components are shipped to the site for assembly, rather than waiting for a builder’s interpretation of plans. The system panels also come in much larger sizes than other building materials which means that fewer components have to be handled during the erection process. A Delivery Partners team of 4-6 can erect a building very quickly.
This can compare favourably with traditional construction techniques where there are more components which can result in more processes and therefore more labour and possible construction errors.
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Environmental sustainability at its core
• Highly energy-efficient.
• Low site wastage as schemes are designed, cut and palletised in the factory, meaning no excess building materials are delivered to site.
• All the components for a typical Kingspan TEK Building System scheme e.g. panels and ancillaries, come from one source, therefore there are fewer deliveries compared to traditional construction methods where components can often be sourced from, and delivered by, a number of different distributors or manufacturers. The overall result is less transport, which reduces the project’s impact on the environment.
Fast, cost-effective and predictable
• Panelised system enables a fast track building process, which can help to reduce construction time considerably.
• Follow-on trades can start work sooner as the project, when wrapped with a non-tenting breather membrane offers a weather-tight shell helping the contractor complete the project faster.
• Much easier to predict project completion times as the system is relatively simple to erect and requires no wet trades or bricklayers.
• Defects are vastly reduced due to the factory-controlled manufacture, precise engineering of the system.
• More controllable indoor environment than traditional construction methods due to the superior air-tightness of the system.
• First SIPs building system in the UK and Ireland to receive BBA and IAB certification.
• Used on the UK’s first house to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes - Level 6 (BRE Innovation Centre 2007).