Traditional Construction

While new technologies are taking construction into the 21st century, traditional brick-and-concrete is still the method most widely used.

At Project Casa, we recognise that many people prefer the familiar virtues of a home built in the conventional way – yet still to the highest specifications, using the latest materials and techniques.
A solid contemporary home offering comfort, amenities, security, reduced energy bills, lower maintenance – and optimum quality of life.
Project Casa's team of skilled specialists can undertake all aspects of your building project – a full turnkey service from initial planning, throughout construction to final interior decoration.

Safe and sound construction with concrete block

Today's advanced construction methods offer concrete block systems that provide superior strength, insulation, energy efficiency – and cost-effectiveness.

Interior Insulated Blocks

These give greater moisture protection and a more attractive appearance at a very affordable cost. Water repellent is pre-mixed into the blocks, with additional sealant applied on-site. Lightweight metal brackets and rigid foam insulation replace expensive wood studs and fibreglass insulation, minimising the capacity to attract moisture yet allowing more space for wiring and plumbing. Lightweight concrete blocks are also up to 25% lighter than traditional blocks, speeding up the building process. For the exterior finish, a range of colours and textures are available.
Exterior Insulated Blocks
The latest exerior finish simulate stucco or stone, and are mounted over rigid foam insulation upon the exterior blocks. With these facing systems the finish is uninterrupted, effectively preventing moisture penetration to provide a highly insulated house. All the concrete mass is on the inside, ideal for moderating temperature and for storing heat or coolness.
In-Block Insulation
The latest concrete block systems incorporate insulation into the block itself, between its interior and exterior surfaces..

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